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1/11/21 Resources


We are starting a new maths topic of length and perimeter. 

Flashback4 does not need to be printed it can just be recorded on a sheet of paper with the workings out shown.



Please download the PowerPoint and watch the BBC clip on slide 4 and then read the other  slides to help you complete the task. This can be done on a sheet of paper.


Lesson 2  GOAL examining the features of a newspaper report

The opening paragraph of an article has the 5 W's ( who, what, when, where and why)  On the worksheet you need to find the 5 W's from the article.

Lesson 3 GOAL planning  newspaper report for the invasion of the Romans on Britain

Read the example of a newspaper report on a Roman Invasion, can you identify the 5 W’s.  Think about your opening and a picture with a caption. Then on the worksheet plan your report on the Romans invading, remember it is only about the Romans first landing and the first sighting of them as Celts.  You are writing the report from the Celts point of view.


We are starting a new topic on the ROMANS. This worksheet is on the Roman Empire and follows on from the work in literacy, you only need to complete the first worksheet, the second one is to help you if you are unsure.


In science we have been exploring condensation and evaporation. As a quick recap watch the BBC bite size clip and then complete the activities on that page. You do not need to complete all these activities on one day.

Once you have recapped on condensation and evaporation, we are now going to focus on condensation. There is another clip for you to watch on condensation. Can you write down in a list 5 examples of where you might see condensation. For example on the mirror in the bathroom after a bath or shower.

Next there is a worksheet for you to complete on the changing state of water, using your knowledge of the water cycle and the states of matter.

Your final activity is to complete a multiple choice quiz on condensation