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13/12/21 Resources


If you are unable to be in school because you are unwell or isolating then here are the resources for this week.  I hope that you manage to feel better soon if you are unwell and have a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Best wishes

 Mrs Havard.


This week we are finishing off our topic on multiplying and dividing. In school we are doing assessments; if you are at home there will be an opportunity for you do the assessments when you return to school.  Please make sure you do some garage levels, soundchecker and studio sessions on TTRS to help keep your times tables fresh.



I would like you to write out your 6, 7 and 9 times table in Roman Numerals. To help you I have included a sheet with the Roman numerals 1-100

eg. I x VI = VI

     II x VI = XII

    III x VI = XVIII




This week we are completing our Roman topic. On Monday and Tuesday we are thinking about Boudicca. Boudicca viewed the Romans as bullies, there is a play script for you to read. Then using the prompt sheet I would like you to create a speech for Boudicca rallying the Celts to revolt and fight against the Romans. On Wednesday we are exploring the legacy of the Romans. That means what we still use today in a modern form from when the Romans were in Britain.  Watch the clips as this will help you with your work.  There are 2 summary sheets of the Romans legacy to remind you. Your task is to pick 6 items of the Romans legacy and explain why. There is a prompt sheet to help you. Finally on Thursday and Friday you are looking at Roman artefacts and being a historical detective to think about what the items will have been used for.




After reading the final part of the play we know that Boudicca was unsuccessful in her final battle and her death is a mystery. However Boudicca is a famous person in British history; navy ships have been named after her. There is a statue of her in London. Your task is to look at the slide and find 4 words to describe the statue of Boudicca and give a reason for each word. eg.  Boudicca is frightening because she has her arms held up and it makes her look menacing as she is riding her chariot maybe into battle and trying to scare the Romans.


Look at the powerpoint, remember to view it as a slide show. Artefacts are important as they help us to understand about the lives of people in certain historical periods.  On the worksheet are Roman artefacts your task is to pick 5 of the items and write about them. For each item you need to identify the material it is made from, what it is and how it was used. 

eg. the hobnail.  This was made from metal and would be attached to the bottom of the  Roman soldiers sandals.  The Roman soldiers had to march many miles and the hobnails attached to the soles would give them grip and stop their sandals wearing out.  It is probably bent because it has fallen out the sandal after walking many miles.


Read the 40 word poem by Judith Nicholls about the impression of the Roman Britain. Was it really like this? Then look at the 8 statements about life in Roman Britain sort the statements into FOR the views of the poem and AGAINST Roman ruling. Can you add your own verse to the poem about Roman life in Britain?


This week we are thinking about the ears on different animals we now know that sound travels in waves. Our work from last week showed us how we can see sound moving and we know how the ear works for us to recognise sound. First, watch the you tube clip as it gives you examples of the different ways that animals hear sounds. Next complete the worksheet where you connect the animal with the ear and then the fact, read all the information before you start. Finally you have 2 worksheets to complete about why animals move their ears and the shape of them. Use your knowledge that you have gained or researched to do a detailed answer.