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22/11/21 Resources


This week we are doing calculations on facts about the Roman Army. Please show your working out using the numbers from the facts provided.  Then we are moving on to brush up your skills in multiplying and dividing.


The work this week is continuing with preparing for writing our Roman myth. We are going to be looking at the Romulus and Remus story from where they have killed King Amulius and trying to decide where to build their city. The focus of your work will be on the setting and dialogue.


This week your topic work links with the Roman army maths. Watch the clip and complete the Roman soldier worksheets.


We are starting our new topic on Sound.  All sound is created by an object vibrating, this week we are going to explore how our ears hear sound. Can you list 5 sounds you like and 5 sounds you dislike. Look at the powerpoint and you tube clip to help you understand how the middle ear and inner ear work.  You will need to label the worksheet, can you also add on the function of the pinna, the eardrum, the cochlea, the ear bones and the auditory nerve onto the worksheet.



As you go through the powerpoint, please play it as a slide show, you will need to refer to the worksheet found here to complete the activity and then return to the powerpoint.