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29/11/21 Resources


This week we are continuing with the multiplication and division topic. Thursday's work is recapping the skills we learnt about multiplying by 10 and 100 and dividing by 10 from last week.  Don't forget to practise your TTRS - please go on and do a couple of garage levels, a studio and soundchecker.


FRIDAY  the focus in grammar is continuing on with our work on fronted adverbials.  There are 2 worksheets for you to complete. If you are in spelling group 1 complete the worksheet with the red star in each of the boxes. If you are in spelling group 2 and 3 complete the worksheets with the blue star in each of the boxes.  You can write the exercise out rather than print the sheets.


Your work is to find out about the material the Roman soldiers used.  Watch the powerpoint and then choose 1 or 2 items of a Roman soldiers uniform and fill in the worksheet on them.


Your first activity is to do the recap on how the human ear works assigned to you in purple mash.  Next look at the powerpoint on how sound is made, followed by watching the BBC bitesize on how sound is made and the activities on the page.

Finally complete the worksheet on how sound travels to the ear, putting in your own explanation for each picture.