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6/12/21 Resources


We are continuing with learning facts for the 6 and 9 times table this week. Make sure you are practising your TTRS and doing garage, studio and sound checker. There are no more flashback4 for this term so I have put some alternative challenges for you to complete there are 2 sheets, you do not need to print the sheet just write the answer or draw it like you would flashback4; the math challenge sheets should not take too long to complete (10 minutes). On Thursday I have included a barvember problem for you to complete. On Thursday there is a focus on the rule for adding and subtracting 9 and 11 from a number.  Remember to add 9 ( the rule is add 10 take 1), to add 11 ( the rule is add 10 add 1). To subtract 9 ( the rule is take 10 add 1), to subtract 11 ( the rule is take 10 take 1).


This week the focus is on letter writing, as a Roman soldier. Look at the powerpoint to help you with your research and watch the clip of Roman soldiers in Britain on Hadrian's Wall.


For your letter writing you are going to be writing 4 paragraphs. On the following worksheet, which you do not need to print, you need to choose a sentence from each fronted adverbial group. Write the sentence out and complete it using your research from yesterday; this will form the structure for your letter writing.


Last week in school we looked at Boudicca in our reading comprehension. Below are 2 clips about Boudicca to refresh you. In purple mash I would like you to create a factfile about Boudicca.


This week in science we are going to focus on the word vibration and how it works. We have learnt that sound travels by the air molecules vibrating and how we hear but we are going to look at how we can see sound vibrating.  There are a couple of clips for you to watch to help you. One of the clips is in the powerpoint which you can see if you watch it as a slide show. Then you can do an experiment yourself to observe sound vibrating.  After that there is a worksheet where you need to decide which group the musical instruments go in.


We are continuing with our Digitial Wellbeing topic and thinking about online bullying. Have a look at the powerpoint (remember to run it a slideshow so the slides make more sense.) When you are half way through the slide show you will have a sorting activity to complete. The worksheet for this is included below. At the end of the slide show you do not need to do the character card activity but I would like you to create a poster on being kind online.