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8/11/21 Resources


we are continuing with our topic of measure and will be looking at perimeter. Remember perimeter is the outside edge of a shape.

On Thursday there are worksheets to complete. Places show your working out, you can do your addition calculations in the middle of the shape. On the second worksheet some lengths of the sides are missing you need to calculate the missing lengths and add them into the perimeter.




Following on from our introduction to Romans we are exploring the Roman timeline. There is a worksheet for you to complete cut out the boxes and put them in chronological order. BC is before Jesus and AD is after Jesus. So your first one is 753BC and the final one is 455AD.


This week we are going to focus on melting and boiling points. To start you will watch a clip on freezing and melting. This is then followed by a BBC bitesize on melting and boiling points.

Materials can be in 3 states: solid, liquid or gas. Materials can change state by using heat. In a solid when the particles are heated they start vibrating and the particles have more energy to move about so the solid melts into a liquid. The temperature at which a solid melts into a liquid is known as a melting point.  Different solids have different melting points.  The worksheet explores the different melting points and there are some questions for you to answer.