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Children's Mental Health Week 'Express Yourself' 1st - 5th Feb 2021

Thankyou for supporting 'Children's Mental Health Week'. We have been encouraging children to consider their mental health and how to look after their feelings and emotions as well as their physical health. We have also been encouraging the children (and adults) to explore the different ways we can express ourselves and the creative ways we can share our feelings, thoughts and ideas. 


With school partially closed and lots of uncertainty, children's mental health has never been more important!


"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions its our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos" - L.R Knost


"Creativity is as important now, in education, as Literacy, and we should treat it with the same status" - Ken Robinson


"Live life as if nobody is watching, and express yourself as if everyone is listening" - Nelson Mandela

Nursery's Lavender Dough

The nursery children had a go at making some calming lander dough and then used it to manipulate and experiment with, making different shapes using different hand movements. 

Reception's Helping Hands

Reception's worry boxes

Reception Dress to Express!

Mood monsters and All About Me!

The Reception children did some writing about how they thought the mood monsters were feeling by looking at their expressions and colours. They also completed booklets all about themselves to show how they can express their likes and individuality!

Reception's All About Me booklets

Some of the Reception children completed a booklet all about themselves to show what makes them who they are!

Year 1

To celebrate this week, Year 1 were firstly directed to the website for the live assembly shown on the Monday morning. They were given an 'Express yourself' activity and were asked to describe the best way they could express themselves. They also looked at a Powerpoint presentation about 'Positive Mental Health' and why it is important to look after our brains as well as our physical bodies!

Year 1's Worry Boxes

Year 2's Dress to Express

Year 2's Calming Lavendar Playdough

The Year2's had a go at making some lavendar fragranced playdough to help them to feel 'calm'. they then experimented with their dough, manipulating it to create different shapes and models.

Year 2's Positive Affirmations

The Year 2 children wrote some positive statements about themselves, expressing what they think makes them who they are!

Year 3 Express Yourself

Year 3 have been doing lots of activities to 'Express themselves' and boost their self esteem. They have tried out some yoga and meditation, have thought about what they have in common with their friends, drawn pictures of things they are really good at and even created a self esteem thermometer!



Self esteem

Year 4 Helping Hearts and How to Keep Healthy

Year 4 made some posters on different ways to keep your body and mind healthy. They also made some 'helping hearts' where they thought about how they could help themselves and support others to keep mentally healthy. 


Year 6 - WW2

Year 6 chose to look at Mental Health through their topic of World War 2. Some very original pieces of work were created including a cake, a hat, peace cranes and even a radio news report!

Archie B - Cake

WW2 Radio News Report - Archie B

Still image for this video