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Day 1

Dear Year 2, 


Welcome to Week 2 of Home Learning.  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend at home.

Just a little reminder.  This is a new experience for everyone, so just do your best with the tasks. 


Start your day with Joe!


 Start by counting in 5s from 0 to 100 and back again.  Write them into your Maths book.


GOAL: to recognise and find fractions. (Write the short date at the top of your Maths book).


Have a look at the powerpoint first, then have a go at the tasks.  If you cannot print the pages, write the answers into your Maths book.


Your task is for today and tomorrow.

GOAL: To rewrite 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. 


You can read through the powerpoint or listen to the story on YouTube.  Parents, please can you stop the YouTube story at 7.59 because it will run into another story.


You could use the powerpoint presentation to help you re-write the story.

Remember to use capital letters, full stops, adjectives, adverbs and paragraphs.

You can also use your common exception spelling sheet in your English folder to ensure that your spellings are accurate.


Take your time to write the best story that you can.  This task is for today and tomorrow. 


I look forward to reading your stories.

Reading and Diary Entries

Remember to read and record what you have read in your Reading Record book as well as writing in your Daily Diary.


Project for Week 2

Take a look at the Project for Week 2.


I know that some of you love Deadly 60! So, I have noticed that it's on again - CBBC at 5.30pm on Mondays, if you are able to watch it.