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Day 1

Hello Year 1!

Happy Monday!  Welcome to your home learning page!



Your first task is Maths


GOAL: To investigate the weight of objects using the language of 'heavier' and 'lighter'


Please write the GOAL, neatly, into your books and the short date.


We have been investigating weight and measure in class and looking at using the language of 'heavier' and 'lighter'

Feel free to print out the sheets and stick them into your book if possible.  If you do not have access to a printer then just reference each question in your book.


Please write a sentence for each question using the language of 'heavier' or 'lighter',


As an extra challenge - if you have scales at home - please choose five items from around your home and compare them on the scales - writing a sentence for each of the objects that you compare.

Your next task today is a reading comprehension.  First of all open and share this story - have a go at reading some of it yourself.  Take turns on pages, or if you're feeling adventurous read the whole thing!

Parents please allow your child to be as independent as possible but if they find the reading tricky then you can read it for them.


Once you have completed the comprehension, write a few sentences in your book to say

Your favourite part of the story and why?

If you could be a mini-beast from the story, which one would you like to be and why?


Finally - as an extra challenge - draw a beautiful butterfly!

The Cautious Caterpillar