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Day 1

Good Morning Nursery Parents and welcome to your child's first day of home learning!


Task 1


Our letter of the week is - M


Watch the Espresso link above to the letter - M (username: student29797   password: quinton)


Can your child think of words which start with M? Can your child find anything in your house beginning with M? Can your write the letter M?


Writing the letter M can be made fun and doesn't just mean that your child needs to write it on a piece of paper. They could make it using natural resources found in the garden, using a paint brush and water on the fence, using fruit on their plate. Be as imaginative/creative as possible!



Task 2

Enjoy playing a board or turn taking game together.


Don't forget to keep a record in your child's blue book and send us any observations using your Tapestry account.


Have a lovely day,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson