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Day 1

Good morning Nursery,


We hope you had a nice weekend. We have now uploaded your project for week 2 which involves a spot of cooking! 


Task 1


Our letter of the week is - d

The action for d is playing the drums. You alternate your left and right arm up and down as if holding the drum sticks whilst saying d.

Watch the Espresso link below (username:student29797    password: quinton)

Can your child think of words which start with d? Can your child find anything in your house beginning with d? Can your child have a go at writing the letter d?


Don't forget to make writing the letter d fun! Use natural resources in the garden, fruit/veg on the plate, chalk on the path stones, any way your child would like to.


Task 2

Learn the nursery rhyme 'Hot Cross Buns'. Practise singing this through the week. You could even put some actions to the song as this will help your child to remember the words. Even better still, your child might like to make up their own actions!


Task 3

Watch the video to explain why people celebrate Easter. Answer any questions your child has about Easter. See what they can remember through questioning: Who celebrates Easter? How do people celebrate Easter? Why do children decorate eggs? What will they find in the shops? 


Well we think we have plenty to keep you all busy today.

Have fun and keep safe,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson