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Day 1

Topic/ Writing

Create a table and label one column 'Fruit' and the other 'Vegetables'. Ask your child whether they know what a fruit is and what a vegetable is. Can they write down as many as they know in each column?


Let your child sound out and write the words themselves. Encourage them to say the word slowly to themselves so they can write the sounds that they can hear. It does not matter if they do not spell the word correctly- we are looking to see if they can use their phonic sound knowledge when writing words. If you notice they are not forming a letter correctly, wait until they have finished writing then demonstrate it to them on a separate piece of paper and allow them to practice doing it again. Try not to interrupt them whilst they are writing as this disrupts their flow and they may forget where they were!


Marvellous Maths

Numberblocks Number 7- Watch the video of the number 7 by clicking on either the BBC iplayer link or the You Tube link. After watching the video, ask your child if they can write the number 7 in the middle of a piece of paper. On the left, can they write the number that is 'one less than 7' and on the right the number which is 'one more than 7'? Can they also draw 7 spots in one corner of the paper? Can they put 7 spots into a tens frame (a drawn rectangle split into 10 boxes)? Can they draw the number 7 numberblock?