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Growing Life Long Learning

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Day 1


Please read through the ‘How humans change as they grow’ power-point and discuss with your child, the different changes at each stage in the human lifecycle. Your child may be able to tell you about the butterfly, frog or chicken lifecycle! We have talked about how a lifecycle means it carries on going round and round and everything happens again and again. Explain that some adults have babies and so the lifecycle goes round and round for humans too!

At the end of the Power-point is a task to sequence the stages of human growth. I have attached a cut and stick activity for this if needed, or if your child would like to draw it by hand, they can. Encourage them to remember the names of the stages themselves and to label their timelines.

Extension – I have also uploaded a ‘Growing Up’ timeline. Your child can draw or stick photographs of their growth stages up until now, and then draw a picture of what they think they will look like as an adult. They can then write about what they could or couldn’t do at each stage. What do they want to be able to do as an adult? What job would they like to do?

Marvellous Maths

Numberblocks Number 8 

Watch the video of the number 8.

After watching the video, ask your child if they can write the number 8 in the middle of a piece of paper. On the left can they write the number that is ‘one less than 8’ and on the right ‘one more than 8’. Can they also draw 8 spots in one corner of the paper? Can they put 8 spots into a tens frame. Can they draw the number 8 Numberblock? Do they know which number can be doubled (added twice) to make 8?


White Rose Maths

The 'White Rose website' has provided some 'Home Learning Resources' for teachers and parents. If you click on the link it should take you to the Home Learning page. Select 'week one' and there will be a video for each day of the week with Maths tasks for your child to do. Please record evidence in their blue book or on Tapestry.