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Day 1

Hello Year 6,


I hope that you have had a good weekend. This is the first day of your home learning. I have made a suggested timetable for you. It helps to have a routine, so I have kept to the kind of timetable that we normally have when you are in class. I hope this helps you through this difficult time, when you are not at school. I will be thinking of you.

Look at the timetable for your home learning and rough timings.

For Monday 23rd March you have:

1. Spellings

2. Maths - go through the Power Point first (the GOAL is on the Power Point), as we do in class then answer the Varied Fluency questions first, then the Reasoning and Problem solving questions. Choose D, E or GD as you normally do. I will post the answers tomorrow.

3. Literacy

Don't forget to write in your diary - you don't have to do it everyday, but it will help you make sense of this time.


Mrs Betteley