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Day 1


Good Morning Nursery Children and Parents,


We hope that you had a lovely weekend enjoying all the warm sunshine and time together.


Last week, we saw some great work so thank you so much for sharing it with us. We really love seeing how you're all getting on. The work that you share doesn't just have to be linked to the tasks we have set. If there's anything new that your child has learnt then please feel free to share it with us too.


Task 1 - Phonics


Our letter of the week is - o


Can your child think of any words that start with the letter o?


Teach you child the jolly phonics action which goes with o by - imagine turning a switch on and off and say, o, o, o, on, off.



Watch the Espresso clip together     Username: student29797     Password: quinton

Now it's that time for you all to get moving. Find all the objects you can inside and outside of your house that start with the letter 'o'.


Can your child use the I-pad/camera/phone independently to take photos of the objects they've found?


Task 2 - Maths and Cutting Skills



As part of your child's physical development they need to be able to use one handed tools, like scissors. During the year ,we had practised this in school so we would like your child to continue to practise as this can be quite a tricky skill to master for little hands.


We have combined developing this skill with some maths!


Below is a sheet which you can download and print. It has different sea animals and we would like your child to practise cutting them out and then ordering them.


Ask your child:


Which one is the largest?

Which one is the smallest?


Don't feel like your child has to cut out all of the sheets. Let your child choose which sea animal/s they like the most and just do that/those sheets.


If you don't have a printer then don't worry. Ask your child the name of their favourite sea creature. Draw different sized shapes of the sea animal they've chosen and then ask them to carry out the same activity.


Sea Animals Ordering Sheets

We hope you all have a nice day,

Take care,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Lesson