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Day 1

Hello Class 6,


Welcome to week 2 of your home learning! I hope that you have all had a good weekend and are all in good health.


I thought this week you might like to try the Joe Wicks PE lessons, which seem very popular. You can watch his daily PE lesson from 9:00am every week day morning on the BodycoachTV on YouTube. Some of you may have been doing this already. It's really important to exercise and since you're not going out on the playground at break and lunch, this would be a good way to have regular exercise in the comfort of your own home. Fresh air is also important, so go for a walk too or do a bit of gardening. Your week 2 project - a science one, which you can also continue over the Easter holidays, involves plants, so look out for the project details on Tuesday.


Monday's work:

  1.  Spellings
  2.  Maths - Missing Angles - look at the Power Point first and then do the varied fluency and reasoning and problem solving questions. Extension activity - Testbase SATs questions on properties of triangles.
  3.  Literacy/Topic - Anne Frank. You will start by researching Anne Frank and making notes as you research her life. Make sure your notes are detailed enough that you will be able to create a timeline and then later in the week, plan and write a biography. Read the planning sheet so you know what you are doing on each day. If you have the chance to read The Diary of Anne Frank, I highly recommend it. She was a very inspirational girl.


Don't forget to email me if you have any questions, want to show me your work or just want to get in touch.

Have a good week! I'm thinking of you.


Mrs Betteley