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Day 1

Welcome to your first day of home learning Year 4! The work we have set for you is to consolidate your previous learning, therefore you will have been taught it at some point during Year 4. Good luck and remember to keep your work neat.


GOAL: To recognise equivalent fractions

Write down your 'speed table check' score in the back your maths book so that you can keep a record of your progress.

Maths Task: Equivalent fractions

Please complete the section (A, B or C) from the 'Target your Maths' page that you would normally complete in class. Feel free to challenge yourself more by trying the next section along if you wish to.

The answers for today's questions will be put up tomorrow so that you can mark and correct your work.

Maths Extension (optional)

Find a creative way of representing different equivalent fractions. Here are a few ideas to get you started...


  • Food
  • Lego
  • Pictures
  • Seeds
  • Stones


GOAL: To punctuate direct speech accurately

Complete the following speech punctuation activity. Re-write the sentences accurately in your purple topic book.

English Task: Direct Speech Punctuation

English Extension (optional)

Write a daily diary in the back of your purple topic book. You might want to write about how you are feeling, what you have been doing and who is at home with you.