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Day 1

Hello everyone! We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for one last week of work before our half term break.

Our new letter this week is 'f'. Listen to the Espresso clip below and have a go at making the sound and the action. (Username: student29797, password: quinton)

Picture 1

Task 1

This week, we are going to be finding out about the seaside! Have you ever been to the seaside? Watch the clip below and see if you can talk about all the things you can see and do at the seaside. See if you can create a seaside picture. You could use paint, collage, pens, natural materials or anything else you would like to make it. Try and think about some of the important things there are at the seaside, such as the sea and sand, and what colours and shapes you may need to use.

Task 2

Practise writing your name again this morning. See if you can write it from memory, or write your middle or surname too. Can you form the letters correctly? Can you remember any of the letter sounds that are in your name?


Maybe you could  find a seaside story to share today.

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson