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Day 1

Good Morning Year 3! Welcome to your first day of Home Learning! Remember to present your work neatly and to always put in full effort.


1) GOAL- To understand Unit Fractions and Non-Unit Fractions (Maths)

Firstly, you have some Maths work based on fractions to complete. We have not discussed fractions much this year so you may need to log into Espresso and search "What is a fraction?". The username for Espresso is 'student29797' and the password is 'quinton'. Once you have done that, you can have a go at the work.


A unit fraction is where the top number (numerator) = 1. Eg ¼

A non-unit fraction is where the top number (numerator) = anything other than 1. Eg 3/5

2) GOAL- To understand Perfect Tense  (Grammar - GPS)

Next, you have some Grammar work to complete.

Simple past tense = “She ate an apple.”

Perfect Tense = “She has eaten an apple.”


A “Perfect” sentence will use the words: “has” or “have” as well as another verb.


Look first on Espresso to help you understand the tense (same log in details as above). Once you're happy with that, please have a go at the work:


(Questions 1 – 4 are easiest; Questions 5 – 8 are medium level; and Questions 9 – 12 are hardest)


Remember: a verb is an action word eg to run, to shout, to play, to smile