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Day 1

Good morning Year 2, 

Welcome to your Home Learning page.  

Charlie, I hope you had a lovely birthday celebration at the weekend! 


You will be using your Home Learning pack (English and Maths) as well as using your Topic and Maths books.



GOAL: multiplication

(Write the GOAL into your Maths book, then the short date)

Starter: Write x2, x5 and x10 tables into your Maths books.  

Then go to the Springtime multiplication page in your Maths Booklet and complete that.



GOAL: comprehension activity about Beatrix Potter.

Print the questions page, then stick them into your topic book.  If you cannot print the questions, please write the answers into your topic book.  (Write the GOAL and the date at the top of the page).

One is 'easier' and one is 'harder (if you would like to challenge yourself) 


Daily Diary

I'd really like you to write a daily diary about your life as it is at the moment (a bit like Samuel Pepys' diary at the time of the Great Fire of London).  It could include your thoughts and feelings, or even some statistics about the coronavirus.  What are people allowed to do/not allowed to do, etc? It would make interesting reading for your grandchildren or future generations!


Remember to read daily and record what you have read in your reading journal. 

Complete each task neatly and remember.... just do your best. Have fun!