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Day 2

Good morning everyone! I hope that you've had a good start to the week!


1) GOAL- To order and compare decimals (Maths)

Watch the video to help you to understand how to order and compare decimals. You can then have a go at the work and you can check your answers once you've finished! If that doesn't take you too long, have a go at the extension task which is some reasoning!


2) GOAL- To know more about The Great Wall of China (Topic/ Reading/ Writing/ Computing)

Having already looked at Troy, Hadrian's Wall and the non-physical barricade/ wall of apartheid, we are now moving on to The Great Wall of China!


Take a look at the attached document to find out some basic information. 


Once you have done that, draw a line down the middle of your page (vertically) and label the columns 'Positives' and 'Negatives'. Think about the positive and negative effects of visitors to the wall and write them in the correct columns.


Now, use the internet to research The Great Wall of China. Write down the facts which you discover in your book. Do them as bullet points but in full sentences (so that when you use your notes to help you with your work later in the week, they will still make sense). You must find AT LEAST 20 facts (but the more the better)! When you search, remember to type 'Great Wall of China facts for kids' as this will bring up websites which are easier for you to read and understand rather than complex adult websites.


Have fun!