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Day 2

Hello Everyone!


I hope your first day of home learning was successful!


I have updated the project page this evening so please make sure you check it out!


Today's Maths is about capacity of objects. As well as answering the questions on the sheets, why not get out some equipment at home and create your own investigation based on the questions?

Take photos for your home learning book if you do - I can't wait to see what you've been up to!


GOAL - To investigate the capacity of objects and develop an understanding of the language 'full', 'empty', 'half' and 'almost'.

Complete these two pages by printing out the sheets or referencing the questions in your book



Today's literacy activity is grammar - based on the learning we have been doing about using exclamation marks.


GOAL - To understand when to use a full stop or an exclamation mark


First of all watch the power point then have a go at the following task.


I would like everyone to complete questions 1 - 8 then continue to the end if you feel up to the challenge - these questions can be written out into books by children - it's a great way to get them to continue to practice their cursive writing, letter formation and also to see if they can remember their capital letters and finger spaces.

Have a look at this picture - can you write 5 sentences about the picture and use an exclamation for them?


Think about what has happened and what the figure might be saying/thinking/feeling.


As an extra challenge can you extend your sentences using 'and' or think of some adjectives to use?


E.G. Help!  My beautiful, red helicopter has crashed!


Crash 1