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Day 2



It’s Tuesday, only 4 days left until the Easter Holidays!


For Math's today we’re going to look at making equal groups.  Watch the video for Week 2, lesson 3 and then complete the activity sheet to go with it



Then have a go at this sharing activity


Please see the Year 1 checklist for writing. 

Year 1 writing expectations

Most of you will be working on the middle sheet, writing at the expected standard.  This is what is required for Year 1 by the end of the year so please ensure your children are doing as much of this as possible when writing, especially the handwriting!  Please ensure the children are writing cursively and neatly.


I have also included a list of year 1 and 2 common exception words.  These are the words we practice a lot in class.  The children are expected to spell them correctly by the end of year 1/2.  Lots of children are already using the year 2 words which is why I have included them as well.


Today’s literacy is Grammar


Rather than print off the power point – which would print out with the answers in place, ask your children to write out each question into their books – this is great way for them to remember to use all their punctuation consistently.


Children do not need to write the actual question - just the important sentence required for each question.


Q1.  erin and jack were friends


The children should write the sentence out in a way that answers the question.


Q1.  Erin and Jack were friends.