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Day 2

Mr Singletons Marvellous Maths Group

Recognising numerals and matching to objects.

Either print out the number flashcards to 10 using the uploaded document (You can print these 4 to a page so they are smaller) or write numerals 1 to 10 on paper and cut them out.

Give your child a number of objects up to 10 e.g. 6 oranges, or sweets or pegs etc (Anything that they can count and move easily). Ask them to count the objects and then find the correct numeral to match.

Please lay all the numbers out, not in order, so they can look through to identify the correct one. If possible, please record what they do, either writing it down or taking photo’s. Encourage them to move their objects away as they count them. If they do not match the correct numeral then please note down which numeral they did choose instead, before asking them to think again or telling them the answer.


Miss Johnson’s Marvellous Maths group

Subtraction/Take Away to 10 (Use both vocabulary with your child).

Give your child 10 objects, it might be counters, cups, sweets, pegs etc (Anything they can count with). Tell them a subtraction sum from the ones listed, for them to write down. Can they use the objects to work out the sum? I have included some extension sums beyond 10 if your child would like to have a go or if you think they are capable. They would then need up to 20 objects.

If your child is struggling on how to work this out then ask “how many do you need to count out first?” “Now what do you need to do?” “How many do you need to take away?” “How many have you got left?”. Let them do the counting out and moving of the objects. Please try to avoid doing this for them as they need to be able to work it out for themselves.

3 – 1 =                 5 – 2 =                      7 – 4 =                   6 – 5 =                9 – 3 =             10 – 7 =


15 – 5 =                     12 – 7 =                     14 – 8 =                          20 – 6 =

Mrs Huckfields Phonics group

  • Flashcards of 12 random letters from the alphabet (not q). You can print flashcards from the uploaded document or write the letters down on paper. Can your child say the correct sound for each letter?
  • Write down each word listed, one by one and encourage your child to sound out and blend to read the word. Sit, pin, tap, sad, map, rat, ted, bug.
  • Now, say one of the words from above and encourage your child to write it.

Note down any letters they needed to copy or that they were not sure of writing. Let them write each word, even if they get them wrong. Then, afterwards you can go back over them with your child and re-write them correctly. Leave the independently written words so that I can see any mistakes. Always promote to your child that it is ok to make mistakes and that is how we learn...practice makes perfect! While writing, your child may look to you for help or ask you “what comes next?” or say “is it...”. Please just encourage them to say the word slowly to themselves and write the sounds that they can hear.


Miss Johnsons Phonics group

  • Play ‘Flashcards Speed Trial’ by clicking on the phonics play link (Remember to use the free login provided on the Tapestry memo). Hover over the game and select phase 2. See how fast your child can say the sounds for the letters that pop up! Keep a note of their time at the end and they can see if they can do better next time.
  • Write these words down and ask your child to read them... jam jet jog van vet visit back sun hot pen.
  • Now write down these questions and ask your child to read them and get them to do a  thumbs up or thumbs down if the answer is yes or no.
  • Did I put the jam in the van?   Did the cat get to the vet?    Can I visit a pet on a jet?


Mrs Chambers Phonics group

  • Go onto the Phonics Play website and sign in using the free login provided on the Tapestry memo. Select ‘Resources’ and ‘Phase 3’. Click on the game ‘Speed Trial’. Click on Phase 3 and then click on ‘Pick individual graphemes’. You want to select all of the Phase 2 sets and sets 6 and 7 from Phase 3. Your child will need to say the sounds for the letters that pop up and they will be timed so they need to do it as quickly as they can! Keep a note of their time and they can try to beat it next time.
  • Recap over the grapheme ‘qu’ and the sound it makes. Ask your child to write these words... quiz,  quit, quick, liquid, quack, yap buzz zip yes yell.
  • Now write down these questions and ask your child to read them and get them to do a  thumbs up or thumbs down if the answer is yes or no.
  • Can a duck quack?                   Is a zebra a pet?               Can a hen peck?                                                    Is a lemon red?                    Can a fox get wet?                                Can a web buzz?