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Day 2

Marvellous Maths (For Everybody)


Give your child a container that can be filled up with something e.g. water, pasta etc. Fill it to the top and ask them what has happened to the container. Fill it half way and then empty it. See if they can use the language of “full, half full and empty” to describe the container each time. (We have been doing this in class so hopefully they will remember).

Now ask your child to fill the container half way, or full or empty. Also include language such as “nearly full” and “nearly empty”. Take photos or write down what they were able to do and anything they struggled with. Have a variety of different sized containers and see if they can repeat this in the different containers.


Mrs Huckfield's group


  • Recap over blending. Say a word in sound talk. For example say the 3 sounds in the word jam. “J...a...m” and then see if your child can tell you the word that you were sounding out. Use – tap, can, mop, ten, rip, sock, huff, bell.
  • Click on the Phonics Play link and play ‘Dragon’s Den. It is the same principle as ‘Buried Treasure’ and this time the red dragon is for the pretend words and the green dragon is for the real words. Select phase 2, +m.
  • Now see if your child can write these words - at in am, is, it, sat, mat, map, pip.

Miss Johnson’s group

  • Play ‘Flashcards Speed Trial’ and select ‘Pick individual graphemes. Select all sets 1 – 7.
  • Introduce the ‘qu’ sound. Click on the ‘Espresso’ link and sign in using the login details from the Tapestry Memo. In the search bar type ‘Phonics’. When the results appear, click on the tab with the ‘F’ to the right of it. Then select ‘Scraps Phonics’. Then select the sound ‘qu’. Press play to watch the video. The children can practice saying the sound and then have a go at writing it. You can pause the video at this point to give them chance to write this sound over and over again, across a line in their book. You can also look at the uploaded Word document which shows you the action to make for this sound and the song that accompanies it!
  • When the video is finished click on the ‘Activities’ tab down the left hand side of the screen. Scroll down to ‘Set 7’ and select ‘Blending’. A word will appear with 3 pictures. The child sounds out and blends to read the word and then selects the matching picture.
  • Now ask your child to write these words – quiz, quick, quack, quit,

Mrs Chamber’s group

  • Ask your child to write the ‘sh’ ‘ch’ and ‘th’ sounds. (I have uploaded a document that shows you words with each sound (phoneme or grapheme) in so you know how to pronounce the sound to your child).
  • Now ask your child to split their page into 3 columns and write each sound at the top of each column. Now say these words and your child has to write the word in the column for the sound that is in the word – shop, chop, thin, bash, chill, chum, path, chicken, shell, than, them.
  • Now ask your child to read these sentences - I am in a rush to get to the shop. Can a chip be thick? He had a big shock.  She is in a rush to get it to me.

Qu sound

How to pronounce the sounds in words