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Day 2

Marvellous Maths

White Rose

Continue with Day 2’s activities where you have to decide if the ‘facts’ are true/correct or false/incorrect.



First, have a go at the uploaded Powerpoint where you have to decide, out of two items, which you think will be heavier or lighter. How many did you get right?

Now, I want you to have a go at becoming human scales. Put your arms out to the sides, straight, and ask an adult to place an item in each of your hands, Tilt your body and arms down to the side on which the item is heavier. You could also hold a bucket in each hand and then, when the objects are placed in the buckets, lower the heavy bucket. Maybe the adult could take photographs of this for evidence, or make a note and right it down afterwards.

Parents...Prompt the use of language such as heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest to compare items that have an obvious weight difference. Avoid the common misconception that bigger items are heavier than smaller ones by trying to find a mixture if different sized objects of different weights.

Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Say a variety of different letter sounds and see if your child can write the correct letter that represents that sound.
  • Teach new grapheme ck.  Explain that the sound and the action is the same as used for the individual c and k letters, but even though these 2 letters have now been put together, we only say the sound once. Explain that this grapheme isn’t used at the beginning of words.  They can practice writing this grapheme in their book. Click on the You Tube web link for the song to go along with this sound.
  • Click on the ‘Phonics Play’ link and play ‘Buried Treasure’. Select ‘Phase 2’ and then ‘Enter your own words’. Please enter these words. sock pick pack sick tick dack gick gack, bock, fick. Encourage your child to sound out and blend to read each word, using their knowledge of the new ‘ck’ sound.
  • Write these sentence and encourage your child to read them.
  • A dog is sick.    Pick a cat.    Dad can pack a cap.

Miss Johnson’s Group

  • Click on the ‘PhonicsPlay’ web link, select Phase 3 and then select to play ‘Flashcards Speed Trial’. Select ‘Pick individual graphemes’ and select all of sets 1 to 7 and then the ‘sh’ grapheme from set 8.
  • Teach the new sound ‘ch’. See the uploaded document for the action and song lyrics. The song follows the tune of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’.
  • Click on the ‘Espresso’ link and sign in. Search for ‘phonics’ as before and select the first tab with the F next to it. Select ‘Scrap’s Phonics’ and the ‘Ch’ sound. Your child can practice saying it and writing it.
  • Now click on the ‘PhonicsPlay’ link again, and play ‘Buried Treasure’. Select ‘Enter your own words’ and enter these words. chip rich chill much fish chim nich chig fich lish.

Mrs Chamber’s Group

  • Click on the ‘PhonicsPlay’ web link, select Phase 3 and select to play ‘Flashcards Speed Trial’. Select ‘Pick individual graphemes’ and select all of sets 1 to 8.
  • Recap over the sounds ‘sh, ch, th, ng’. Say one of the sounds and ask your child to write it in their book. Do they remember which two letters make each sound?
  • Open the ‘Sorting Sounds’ uploaded document and complete.
  • Now have a go at writing these words. Chin, rocket, cash, posh, thin, bang, long, such, path, shut.

Sorting Sounds