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Day 2

Hello Class 6,

I hope that you have had a good day and you are now getting into a routine with your home learning. Keep up reading too. Some of you have been in touch about the Land Army Project. All of the answers to the comprehension questions at the beginning should come from the different extracts or sources. Some ask for your opinion or thoughts about something but mainly evidence should come from the texts. As for the other work - my aim is that you all produce something about the Land Army, which shows that you have done some research and that you present it in an interesting way - as a poster, as a leaflet or booklet or as a non-chronological report, with writing and pictures either hand-drawn or from the internet. Send me what you create via email e.g. as a photo.

Work for Tuesday 31st March 2020

  1. Grammar - go through the Power Point about pronouns and then complete the worksheet on personal and possessive pronouns.
  2.  Maths - angles in quadrilaterals. Go through the Power Point, then answer the varied fluency sheet and reasoning and problem solving questions. For Monday's extension activity, I re-saved it as a word document and uploaded it separately this afternoon, as some of you weren't able to open it.
  3. Literacy/History - look at your Anne Frank planning sheet and create your own timeline of events for Anne Frank's life. Choose how you want to present it, but I suggest you use a double page in your topic book. Use a clear date order and write interesting details about the dates you have chosen and then illustrate it. Use colouring pencils to make it stand out and check your spelling carefully and use capital letters for proper nouns e.g. names of people and places. You will start writing the biography on Thursday, so don't start it yet!
  4.  Show me work via email if you have the chance -


Mrs Betteley