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Day 2

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Trendy Tuesday everyone!

Here is your morning exercise

White Rose Maths

Day 2’s activities fit in so well with our Marvellous Maths learning this week! It is all about making worm number lines but starting from different numbers!


Marvellous Maths - Number

Mr Singleton's Group

Let’s recap over number bonds to 5. Watch my Loom video. I have made 5 double sided counters. I side is white and the other is purple (You can use whatever 2 colours you would like). I will shake them and drop them on the table. I am going to use a diagram to help to show my sum. This diagram is called a part-whole model (at school we sometimes called it a spider diagram). Every time I drop them I would like you to draw the counters into the model and write the answer. If I drop them and get one that we have already done, I will try again so wait for me to tell you which ones to write down. I would also like you to write the sum underneath remembering your + and = signs. I will then use the on-screen interactive model to demonstrate so you can see if you got it right.

Next you are going to dig a little deeper into number bonds to 5 using a powerpoint presentation. On the powerpoint are part-whole models where you have got to work out the missing number you need to add to the one given, to make 5. It uses numicon pieces which we use a lot in school. You might be able to remember without having to do any adding or counting on. You may need to use your fingers to count on. If you do, put the first number in your head and then count on with your fingers until you get to 5. Then count how many fingers are up and this is your answer. You may also want to use a numberline. I have attached one to print or you can draw one. You only need one to 5. You start on the number that is given, make ‘jumps’ like shown on my Loom video, to get to 5 and then count how many jumps you did. Try and work out all the bonds on the Powerpoint.

Miss Johnsons Group

First of all today, we are going to dig a little deeper into our ‘counting on’ to figure out sums. Watch my Loom video. I will place a number of items under a cloth. I will then place some more underneath but you will still not be able to see them. I would like you to have a go at writing the sum and figuring out the answer by counting on. You can use a numberline (I have uploaded one for you to print or you can draw one), you can use your fingers or you can use objects. If you use your fingers remember to put up the number of fingers that represents how many more objects I put under the cloth, then put the first number in your head and then count on from that number until you have counted all your fingers that you put up and that is the answer. I will demonstrate this on the video.

I will also do some subtraction sums as well, taking some items out from under the cloth. See if you can figure out the answers. I will go through the answers at the end.


A quick note to say I am now combining Miss Johnson’s and Mrs Chamber’s groups as they are working at the same level.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Say a variety of different letter sounds and see if your child can write the correct letter that represents that sound.
  • This week we are beginning ‘Phase 3’.
  • Introduce the phoneme ‘j’. Click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘Scraps phonics’ and click on the first result. Then select ‘j’ and watch the video. The video will demonstrate how to form this letter when writing it. Draw a line in your child’s book and ask them to practice their j across the line.
  • I have attached a document that shows you the action to make for the ‘j’ sound and also the song lyrics. Click on the Vimeo link and scroll through to find the song for this letter.
  • Write these words and ask your child to place soundbuttons underneath and then sound out and blend to read the words. jam, jet, jog, Jill, Jack
  • Now write these sentences and encourage your child to read them.
  • Jack and Jill jog up the hill. Jog to get the jam. A man can jog to get fit.

Miss Johnson’s Group/Mrs Chambers groups

  • Recap over sounds previously learnt. Ask your child to write these sounds.
  • Sh, ai, ch, oo, th, igh, oa, ng, ee.
  • Introduce the new grapheme ‘ar’. I have uploaded a document with the action and song lyrics on, and also the document with how to pronounce the sounds and the Vimeo web link is above under Mrs Huckfield's Group, for the song (scroll to time 11.32).
  • Click on the ‘PhonicsPlay link’, login, select Phase 3 and the game ‘Buried Treasure’. Select ‘input your own words’ and input these.
  • car, bark, hard, zoom, wool, lar, tark, pard, noom, goot
  • Now write these sentences and see if your child can read them.
  • Will it be hard to park my car on this road? Will a dog bark if it sees a shark? Is it dark on the moon?