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Day 2

Good Morning Year 3! Welcome to your first Tuesday of Home Learning. I hope yesterday’s work was OK. Remember, this time away from school is the perfect time for plenty of reading. I’m looking forward to finding out what you have read.


Answers for yesterday’s work:

1) GOAL- To understand Fraction Pairs Make 1 (Maths)

Today’s task is like number bonds but for fractions. You know that 4 + 6 = 10. In fractions, 4/10 + 6/10 = 10/10.        10/10 = 1


Remember, to “read” a fraction, think of it as:
1/2 = “1 out of 2”

2/5 = “2 out of 5”


Use objects in your house to help you see this eg buttons or crayons. Count 10 out and then put them into piles. Or you could bake a cake and cut it into fractions!


If you need extra help, Log into Espresso. The username for Espresso is 'student29797' and the password is 'quinton'. Try searching “fractions make 1”

2) GOAL- To understand Past Perfect Tense  (Grammar - GPS)

Next, you have some more Grammar work to complete on the Perfect tense.


Simple past tense = “She ate an apple.”

Past Perfect Tense = “She has eaten an apple.”


A “Past Perfect” sentence will use the words: “has” or “have” as well as another verb.


Look first on Espresso to help you understand the tense (same log in details as above). Once you're happy with that, please have a go at the work:


Remember: a verb is an action word eg to run, to shout, to play, to smile.


Try the questions in this PowerPoint presentation.