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Day 2

Good morning Year 5! I hope that you all managed ok with your home learning yesterday. Here are today's tasks!


1) GOAL- To write decimals as fractions

Today, you have some Maths work where you need to convert decimals to fractions. Watch the clip on Espresso and then have a go at completing your work. 


Steps to Success


0.1 = 1/10

0.2 = 2/10

0.5 = 5/10 = 1/2

0.23 = 23/100

0.79 = 79/100

0.91 = 91/100



Start with question 1 and see how far you can challenge yourself to go! Once you have completed at least up to question 7b, you can check your answers (the answers are on the last page of the document).

2) GOAL- To plan an exciting adventure story (Writing)

 I am sure that you are going to love today's lesson! Firstly, you need to watch the clip which can be found through the link below. You are then going to plan your own adventure story. When we begin writing our stories (tomorrow), we are going to be writing in the first person (using I). This means that you are going to be the main character in your story. You need to imagine you are the person standing by the photocopier when the black hole is printed. We will write in the past tense. Where did the black hole take you to?


Have a look at my story plan below to give you some inspiration. Use the attached story mountain to plan your story if you'd like to (you don't need to print it out but can instead draw it in your book). You can go anywhere in your black hole! Be imaginative!



  • me by the photocopier feeling bored
  • black hole emerged out of the photocopier
  • What could it be?
  • realised that it was a portal
  • thoughts whizzed through my head



  • flew through the black hole
  • colours zoomed around me
  • felt dizzy
  • Would this ever end?



  • landed in a fort on Hadrian's Wall
  • surrounded by soldiers
  • heard swords clashing
  • battled against the Picts
  • injured soldiers



  • Picts began to surrender
  • managed to protect our territory



  • without warning, felt a force pulling on me
  • was being dragged back into the black hole
  • questions raced through my mind
  • Would I have any more adventures?