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Day 3

Good morning everyone!


1) GOAL- To understand percentages (Maths)

Firstly, have a go at the ordering decimals game to see if you can remember what we were doing yesterday!


Today, we are moving on from decimals to percentages. Watch the Espresso clip to give you a basic understanding of what percentages are and then watch the White Rose clip to find out more about the work which you will need to complete today! 


Once you've watched both videos, you will be able to start your work. Begin with the varied fluency questions and complete up to question 3b. Then go on to the White Rose questions and complete up to question 3. If you are happy with that, you can continue and complete both sets of work! You can then check your answers!



If there is a bar with only 10 squares and 3 shaded then that is 3/10 of the bar.

3/10 is the same as 30/100 so this would be 30%!

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that this would be 3% as remember that percent means out of 100!

2) GOAL- To create a tourist leaflet about The Great Wall of China (Topic/ Writing)

Your task today is to create a leaflet which could be given to visitors to The Great Wall of China to tell them all about it!


You could make a leaflet by folding a piece of A4 paper if you have some! If you don't, you can do it in your book (a bit more like a fact sheet).


Think carefully about how you are going to split your information as it is important that it is written in small chunks (you could draw different boxes) and not one large paragraph. Can you think of logical sections to split it up into? You could even add a section about ticket prices! You will need to draw pictures to make your leaflet eye-catching! Your leaflet will of course need a large title to show what it is about!


Once you've finished it, try to sellotape it into your book so that I can have a look when we're back at school! I can't wait to see what you come up with!