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Day 3

Good Morning Year 2,


Welcome to Wednesday 1st April 2020, and a new month of Home Learning!


Start your day with Joe!


*Remember* You should have completed your Mathletics homework for today.  The answers won't be given because there are a few different books in Year 2. 


Here are yesterday's answers.

Then, today's task is this:


GOAL: recognise and find a third.

Make the tasks as practical as possible.

Extension challenge



Start with David Walliams' Elevenses story time if you can.  11am!

Today you have to complete a comprehension task.


It is in your English Home Learning Booklet - 'Staying Healthy'.


Most of you will be able to read this yourself as you have completed these independently in class once a week.  However, if you need some adult help then the adult can help you read the text.  You could break it up into chunks. So, for example, read the first section, answer questions 1 and 2, then have a 5 minute break.  Then read the next section and answer questions 3 and 4, etc. 


You should be able to have a go at answering the questions yourself.  Just do your best. 

Reading and Daily Diary

Remember to read every day and record it in your Reading Record.  Read, Read, Read! 

Try to add something to your Daily Diary if you can.

Take a look at this website for some audio books - a great way to enjoy a story, e.g. Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter.