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Day 3

Welcome to Wednesday!


3 Days left until you’ve earned a well-deserved break for Easter!


Keep going Parents, you’re doing an amazing job!


Keep working hard children – I really can’t wait to see all your work when we return to school!


Today’s Math's

Week 2, Lesson 4 – watch the video and then complete the activity


Then have a go at these challenge cards


For Literacy today we are going to look at Easter.


First of all share this power point with your child – I’m aware that yesterday there were some problems with the power point download.  I’ve included a few different ways to access the power point today in the hope that this won’t happen again.

Then read the story of the Easter Journal

GOAL:  TO retell a story I have read.


If you can, print out this activity and sequence the story – then retell it together.  If not, use the answer sheet and re-tell the story together.

Into your book write some sentences to explain which your favourite part of the story was and say why.


Optional extra - I have included 4 activity cards below.  If you want to, choose one of them to complete to the best of your ability with available resources you have at home. 

Take photos for your home learning book and write about what you did.


You could always save these for the Easter holidays and complete them during the two weeks break if you wanted to.  Again, I wish to stress these are extra challenges, they are not compulsory.