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Day 3

Good morning Nursery,


We hope you're all getting on ok and enjoying the tasks set so far.


With today going to be another beautiful, sunny day we have the perfect first task for you.


Task 1

Practise throwing and catching a ball. If you haven't got a ball then a favourite teddy will do perfectly! This is a great opportunity to also practise counting and to see if they can count to 10. If they can then why not try to 20. Which number can they get to without dropping the ball/teddy? Take one step back each time and see how far they can manage. This is a super workout to build your child's upper body strength ready for writing and also good for their hand/eye coordination. If there are siblings in the family then they could join in too!


Task 2

During the past few weeks, we have also learnt how to recognise the letter S. Show your child the letter and see if they can name it and show you the action without telling them first. For the action you make an S in the air with your hand and as you draw it make a snake sound (Below is the link with a reminder of what it looks like, how it's said and how to write it Username: student29797    Password: quinton). Find a variety of objects in your house together which start with the letter S and M. Get 2 pieces of paper and on one piece get your child to write the letter S and the other M. Play a turn taking game of matching the objects to the correct letter.


If you want an extra challenge then can your child find natural resources in the garden like twigs, pebbles etc to form the letters S and M. We need to make the most of this weather!


Task 3

Enjoy sharing a story together. 


Have a lovely day enjoying some fresh air and warm sun.


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson