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Day 3


Think back to Monday’s session. Do you have members of your family at each stage in the human lifecycle? How could you record this on paper? Discuss with your child what a family tree is. See if you can make one for their family. I have uploaded some tree templates. They may not be suitable so feel free to draw or paint your own! These activities will hopefully promote some really good discussions with family members and encourage great communication and language skills.

Family Tree templates


Mrs Huckfield's Group

  • Click on the Phonics Play link and play ‘Speed Trial’ and select Phase 2.
  • Ask your child to read each of these words. After they have read the word can they tell you what it means? kid, kit, cat, cop, cap can, dog, top
  • Open the ‘Caption’ document and ask your child to read the 3 captions on the first page. If you are able to print these out, you can then cut them up, lay the pictures out and the child can read a caption and match it to the correct picture.

Miss Johnson's Group

  • Time your child for a minute. Say a number of different letter sounds from the alphabet and see how many they can write correctly in the minute.
  • Recap over the two letters that make the ‘qu’ sound.
  • Introduce the ‘sh’ sound. Click on the ‘Espresso’ link and sign in using the login details from the Tapestry Memo. In the search bar type ‘Phonics’. When the results appear, click on the tab with the ‘F’ to the right of it. Then select ‘Scraps Phonics’. Then select the sound ‘sh’. Press play to watch the video. The children can practice saying the sound and then have a go at writing it. You can pause the video at this point to give them chance to write this sound over and over again, across a line in their book. You can also look at the uploaded Word document which shows you the action to make for this sound and the song that accompanies it!
  • Play ‘Buried Treasure’ on Phonics Play by clicking on the link. Select ‘Phase 3’ and then ‘Select your own words’. Input these words and then play - shell fish bash hush rush, pash, shil, tesh, shog, shiff
  • Now write these sentences out and ask your child to read them - I am in a rush to get to the shop.    The cash is in the shop.     I got a shell and a fish.

Mrs Chamber's Group

  • Play ‘Quickwrite’ – Time your child to see what time they can write these words in? them that this with thin thick chop such shock bash
  • Introduce the sound ‘ng’ (refer to yesterday’s unloaded document, if needed, for how to pronounce the word). Give some examples of words that have this sound in and see if your child can think of any.
  • Login to ‘Espresso’ (Link above) using the login details from the Tapestry memo. In the search bar type ‘Phonics’ and select the result that has an ‘F’ to the right. Select ‘Scraps Phonics’ and then the tab ‘Activities’ to the left hand side. Scroll down to ‘Set 7 sh, ch, th, ng’ and select ‘Reading’. A picture will appear with 3 words. Your child should sound out and blend to read each word and then select the one that matches the picture.
  • After this, go back to ‘Activities’ and on the same set of sounds, select ‘Read the Sentence’. Your child will read the sentence, look at the picture and decide if the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’.