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Day 3


Good Morning Nursery Children and Parents,


We hope you're well and had fun with yesterday's activities.


Task 1 - Phonics


By now your child should be really getting to know the letter 'o'. We hope you've had lots of fun exploring it together. Now it's time for your child to have a go at writing it. Watch the Espresso clip below so they can see how to form it:


Username: student29797        Password: quinton

Let them choose the colours or type of pen that they'd like to practise writing with.


Don't forget to try to encourage your child to hold the pen/pencil between their thumb and to hold it near the point.


Can they remember how to write any of the other letters we have learnt: s, a, t, p, i, n, c, k, e, h, r, m, d or g. You could model first and they then copy. Don't feel you have to practise all of these letters at once. The have come a long way with learning their letters in the alphabet and there are lots!



Task 2 - Dancing


It's time to get physical and rhythmical! Click on the Espresso link below and have a listen to some of the tracks linked to the sea. You might want to tell your child the name of the track so they can decide whether or not they want to hear it as there are quite a few to choose from.



Listen carefully to the song they've chosen. Ask them questions like:


Is it slow or quick? Which instruments can they hear? Can they think of the sea animals that might be moving in the sea to the music?


Now ask them to come up with a dance to the music. They could be the different sea animals and move like they would in the sea or they could simply just move in time to the music using something like a scarf as a prop. The children are used to doing their ribbon dancing so they should have some great moves to show you!



We really hope to see some of their dancing on Tapestry but don't worry if this takes away the fun of what they're doing.


We hope you have a nice day.


Best wishes,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson