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Day 3

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Wacky Wednesday guys!

Here is your exercise

White Rose Maths

Today’s activities look, again, patterns but also grouping and adding and even doing a survey (Which I really like the idea of as we have been learning about tally charts and pictograms in class). The addition elements recap over our previous learning in number as well.



Today I would like you to listen to the instrumental song of ‘This Old Man’ again but this time I would like you to try to sing the words (They are written at the bottom of the music). You are then going to come up with some actions to go with the words (Just like Mrs Loquens does when you are singing with her). You could even create a dance routine for it if you are feeling like a challenge! I would love to see these recorded as videos if possible!

Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Click on the ‘PhonicsPlay’ web link, login, select to play ‘Flashcards Time Challenge’ and select Phase 2. Select ‘Pick individual graphemes’ and select Set 1 to Set 4.
  • Write down these sounds and see if your child can tell you what they are. ff, ss, ll.
  • Explain that even though there are 2 of the same letter, you only say the sound once. These sounds are found at the end of words. I have uploaded 3 ‘Roll and Read’ game mats. You and your child take turns to roll a die. Count the spots and choose a word to read from any of the 3 mats, that is next to the number you rolled. You need to both have a different coloured set of counters. Place counters on the word if you read it correctly. Play until you want to stop and then count up who has read the most words correctly.

Miss Johnson’s Group

  • Click on the PhonicsPlay link, login, select Phase 3 and then the game Buried Treasure. Select Phase 3 and then ‘+ee’. Allow your child to read the words and decide if they are real or pretend. Now do the same for ‘or’
  • Now, using the flash cards I have uploaded, either printed or written and cut around, ask your child to make these words. You may need all the Phase 2 cards but only the sounds we have learnt from the Phase 3 flashcards. You also do not need to print them out as big as they are, you can print 2 or 3 pages to a page.
  • see, feel, weep, feet, keep, fork, torch, corn, lord, forth.

Mrs Chamber’s Group

  • Ask your child to write these words.
  • Keep, fork, bang, feet, torch, sung.
  • Introduce the new sound ‘oa’. I have uploaded a document with the action on. Use the weblink to scroll through to find the song for the ‘oa’ sound. Please explain to your child that there are two ways in which you can say this sound depending on the word it is in. E.g Goat and goal.
  • Click on the ‘Espresso’ link, login, type ‘Phonics’ in the search bar. Select the first tab, then Polly’s phonics, then select ‘oa’, then ‘activities’ on the left hand side, and then from the ‘ai, ee, igh, oa’ group select ‘reading’. The children need to read the 3 words and select the one that matches the picture shown.