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Day 3


Good Morning Nursery Children and Parents,


We aren't sure where the days are going. They're sailing by so quickly!


Task 1 - Music and Maths


For this task you will need your pirate telescope so make sure you have it ready.


Watch the clip below to reveal what your pirate task is.

It would be lovely to watch your sea shanties so please share videos with us using your Tapestry app.

Task 2 - Phonics


By now your child should really be getting to know the letter 'u'. Now it's that time where your child needs to have a go at writing it. watch the Espresso clip below so they can see how to form it:


Username:student29797           Password: quinton

Let them choose the colours or type of pen that they'd like to practise writing with.


Don't forget to try to encourage your child to hold the pen/pencil between their thumb and to hold it near the point.


If your child isn't too tired then they might like to have a go at making their very own treasure map and use some of the letters they've learnt to write the clues to show where to find the treasure!



Have a great Wednesday,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson