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Day 3

Good morning Year 6. I can see that Mrs Betteley has been keeping you all busy!  Today we will start with some Maths - finding percentages of amounts. We have covered this in class, so hopefully it will be a good opportunity to perfect your skills.

Write the date and goal in your book.


GOAL: Finding percentages of amounts


Start by reading through the first two slides on the power point below. Then write numbers 1-8 in your maths books and have a go at answering the questions on the slides.


Now work through the worksheets below. If you are not confident in finding percentages begin with finding 10% of amounts activity sheet and see how far you can progress.


If you are confident in finding 10% of amounts start with the second sheet - Finding 5% activity sheet and see how far you can get!


You can check your answers after each sheet. Remember to show your workings!!


For your reading comprehension, I have chosen one about Anne Frank as I know you have been learning about her with Mrs Betteley. I hope you will find it interesting and enjoy completing this.  You can either print off the question sheet or answer the questions in your topic book.


GOAL: Reading comprehension


As you did last week, select one comprehension to complete depending on your ability. One * is the easiest and 3 * is the most challenging.  


Remember to look for key words in the questions and explain your answers fully when asked to.

See if you can beat your score from last week!


You can check your answers at the end.



I have planned a Science activity that follows on from the last lesson you did in school with Mrs Betteley.


Read through the powerpoint below and then complete the activity sheets. 


The information below will help you with characteristics.

I hope you have a good day. Keep focused and remember to have fun too!


Good Luck

Mrs Nicholds