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Day 3

It's time to go searching this morning! See if you can find anything which starts with 'l' in your house. We love seeing the photos of your items on Tapestry!


Task 1

Today, watch the video clip on feelings in Espresso (username: student29797 password: quinton). With the huge changes that are happening right now, understanding and dealing with our big, confusing feelings are more important than ever! Have a chat about the different feelings in the video clip. See if your child can have a go at making different faces to show some of the emotions they have seen. You could do it together, or use a mirror so the children can see what the faces look like. Talk about what makes them feel this way, just like the children did in the video. You could maybe recreate pictures of different feelings faces and what makes them feel different ways, or send a photograph or video!

Picture 1

Task 2

See if you can spot numbers that you know in and around your house. Can you have a go at writing them down? Maybe you could even match the same number of objects too. Perhaps you can notice the numbers on the houses or signs near where you live. See if  you can say or write which number comes before and which comes after.


Remember to read a story together today!

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson