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Day 3

Welcome to your third day of home learning! We hope that you are enjoying the work and are starting to find a routine that suits you. 


GOAL: To do my mental maths practise


Maths answers for yesterday's work

Maths Task: Mathletes Homework Page


Please complete the next page of your mathletes homework (Schofield & Simms booklet). It should be Section 2 Test 8, but if you missed the one from last week then just do that one instead.


Please note: We won't be putting up the answers for this work as you are all on different books.


GOAL: To write dialogue using the correct speech punctuation

English Task: Extended Writing

This week you have been practising how to punctuate speech. Watch the video which is called ‘The Little Shoemaker' by clicking the link below. Imagine that the characters in the video could talk to each other. Write a detailed paragraph retelling what was happening in the video and include dialogue between the characters, using the correct punctuation.


Steps to success:

  • Inverted commas for speech "______, "
  • Punctuation before the closing inverted comma , ! ?
  • Synonyms for said - asked, answered, shouted, groaned.
  • New speaker - New line


Remember to include lots of detail and descriptive language: adjectives, fronted adverbials, similes.


I hope you enjoy it!

English Extension (optional): To fill in your daily diary.


English Answers for yesterday's work