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Day 3

Welcome back to Home Learning Year 3, it’s Wednesday and time to learn again…  


1) PE

If you want to start your day with a 30-minute PE lesson, then follow the link below to find a live streaming of 'PE with Joe' at 9:00 AM.  

2) ART

Try this website, it gives you many different ideas for drawing. The video is 15 minutes long but has dozens of different ideas you can scroll through. Have fun!


Here are the answers for Tuesday’s maths work:

Maths starter activity:

Write down your score in the back of your maths book. Can you beat yesterday’s score? In class, we have been working on speeding up the x2, x5 and x10 tables. Perhaps, you could try speeding up the x4 table? Some of you may need to challenge yourselves to the x3 or x6.

GOAL- To Find Fractions of a Set of Objects – 2


The link below will explain everything you should need for today’s lesson (Lesson 3 – Step 8 on this page):

Vocabulary you may need:

Base 10 – A place value grid has columns of Hundreds, Tens and Ones. So, bricks put together in these groupings can show any number.

In Base 10:

  • a square shape that is 10 by 10 bricks = 100.
  • a small tower of bricks = 10
  • one brick on its own = 1

Place value counters – these are small discs that can have a value of 100, 10 or 1


It includes questions like this:

Picture 1

You may find it helpful to have lots of counters (or smarties!).


To find 2/3 of 9, first you have to find 1/3. Do this by diving by 3.

1/3 = 9 ÷ 3 = 3.


So, to find 2/3, you need to have 1/3 + 1/3. This is: 3 + 3 = 6


2/3 of 9 = 6


In the following example, you need to be careful. It is not looking for 2/3 of 30!

Picture 1

Read it carefully, 2/3 of “some number” = 30


So, this mystery number must be bigger than 30.


It is saying that 2/3 = 30. The whole number would be 3/3.


First, find 1/3.


Draw a bar model to help. It should have 3 parts as the fraction is thirds. Share 30 between the first two boxes (so 15 in each). If 1/3 = 15, 3/3 must be three times as much.


Today’s maths work:


Answers to Comprehension work from Week 2 Day 2:


The answers were at the end of each comprehension on the last page. Look again at any details you missed out. 


Today’s literacy task is writing a dairy entry

Imagine you are an explorer and you see a penguin for the first time. Write a diary entry about the day. You have arrived on a boat, gone ashore and seen hundreds of them. You write your diary at the end of an exciting day.


Steps to Success:

  • Describe the penguins in detail – adjectives and expanded noun phrases
  • Include other things you could have seen (orcas, albatross, elephant seals, snow, glaciers)
  • Think about the noises you heard
  • You decide whether there were other people around you (no speech!)
  • Add interesting little details about things you did (lunch eaten on a mound of snow; penguin waddled right past you, unafraid)
  • Imagine you are writing at the end of the day, so mostly in past tense
  • Discuss what you hope to see the next day (a little future tense)
  • Start with “Dear Diary,”; make up your own date; and end with “Bye,”
Extension: If you want, you can put little drawings of your day throughout your paragraphs.