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Day 3

Good morning everyone!


1) GOAL- To write decimals as fractions (Maths)


Today, you have the chance to practise writing decimals as fractions again! Take a look at the work sheet below and see how you get on! Check your answers once you've finished!


If you have managed to complete your work, I have a challenge for you!

1) Cut out several rectangles from a piece of plain paper.

2) Write a fraction on one piece of paper and its equivalent decimal on another.

3) Do this until you have around 20 pairs of cards.

4) You can now play snap with an adult or with an older sibling.


Shuffle and deal the cards. Take it in turns to put a card down in the middle. If you have a fraction and a decimal put down next to each other which are the same, shout SNAP! 

2) GOAL- To write an exciting adventure story (Writing)

I hope that you all enjoyed planning your stories yesterday- I am sure that you had some amazing ideas! Today, we can start writing! We will write one paragraph for each part of our plan (you may need two for your dilemma but that is up to you). We will write the opening, problem and dilemma paragraphs today. Please remember that we are writing in the first person (I) and the past tense.


Here are my opening three paragraphs to give you some ideas (as usual, you can of course read them a couple of times but then please don't look at them whilst you are writing).


Fed up, I stood bored by the photocopier! I wondered whether this exhausting day would ever end and whether it could get any worse! Surely not? Thoughts of better times floated through my mind as I waited impatiently. Clunking loudly, the useless machine churned out endless paper work. Suddenly, a large, black circle emerged. Thinking nothing of it, I placed it to one side as I let myself slip back into a more relaxed state. I reached to put my empty coffee cup to one side. It disappeared. I looked. I looked again. It had really gone! Full of amazement, I tentatively edged my hand over the edge of the black circle. The same thing happened! Horror took over me as questions whizzed through my mind. Could this actually be happening? 


Eager to make my day more exciting, I did something daring! It was completely against my nature (I am normally quite an anxious person) but I didn't think twice this time! Gently lifting my leg, I edged it into the hole... it was no longer visible! Over went my other leg as I leaned carefully forwards. Shockingly, an immense force pulled me downwards as the pressure built inside my head! Colours flashed in my eyes like an exploding rainbow as I flew through the air, spinning and flipping wildly. Would this rollercoaster ever end? My hands, which were clammy, tried desperately to slow me down but to no avail! Dizziness overcame me like a tidal wave! Then... BANG!


That was it! I'd landed. I'd reached my destination. Cautiously, I opened my eyes, unsure of what may lie before me. The sound of clashing metal reverberated through my ears as I felt a cold breeze upon my face. As I opened my eyes, an enormous, stone wall stretched out before me. Soldiers surrounded me; some of the warriors were still standing whilst others lay helpless on the muddy ground. I knew where I was. I'd read about it in all the history books. Hadrian's Wall! My instincts took over me as I rose to my feet and began to battle ferociously. Swords flew in every direction as men formed their strongest battle formations. Who would be victorious? Pain rushed through my body as I was viciously struck. I fell to the ground with a scream. Knowing I couldn't lie there helpless, I forced myself to get up! Would this nightmare ever end?