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Day 4

Good morning Year 5! I hope that you're all having a good week and that you have been working hard!


I have some exciting news for you... our HOME LEARNING GALLERY is now up and running! You see, all of the staff at school are really missing looking at all of your amazing work. Because of this, we have created a page where we can share some of it. If you have completed a task which you are proud of, please email a photo of it, or a photo of you with it (if your parents are happy for your photo to be on the website), to We cannot guarantee that all work sent will be displayed in the gallery but we will do our best to show off a range of work! We can't wait to see what you've been doing!


Now... down to business! 


1) GOAL- To write percentages as fractions and decimals (Maths)

I hope that you managed ok with percentages yesterday. Today, we are going to be looking at writing percentages as fractions and decimals. 


As usual, watch the White Rose video which will explain how to complete today's work. You can then have a go at the questions and you can check your answers once you've finished. I've also posted links to a couple of snap games on Espresso which will help you practise as well as being a bit of fun! Enjoy!

If you're still keen for more... here are the varied fluency questions for you to have a go at! The more you practise, the better you will be!

2) GOAL- To read and understand texts (Reading)

I know it isn't Friday yet, but as tomorrow is the last day before the Easter holidays, I am going to set you something a little different to do then! So, today is reading comprehension!


Please complete the comprehension for the group which you are usually in on a Friday. Remember to make sure that your answers make sense and to answer in as much detail as you possibly can. Only look at the answers once you have completed your work.


Go back through the text and underline any words which you do not know the meaning of. Then, look up the words in a dictionary and write down their definitions. If you do not have a dictionary at home, you could use an online dictionary!

Remember, have a think about some work which you might like to send in to the gallery!


Tomorrow, there is also going to be an online singing assembly for you... so make sure that your voice is nicely warmed up in preparation!