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Day 4

Good Morning Year 2, 

Well done for keeping up with your daily home learning!  


And......we've got some EXCITING news!  Mrs. Timms has created a gallery page where we can share some of your work on our 'Home Learning Gallery' page. If you have completed a task which you are proud of, please email a photo of it to We cannot guarantee that all work sent will be displayed in the gallery, but we will do our best to show off a range of work! We cannot wait to see what you have been doing! 


So, here you go for Thursday's work.


Start with Joe!


Let's start with the answers to yesterday's fractions work.  Red pens ready?

A quick and easy starter for you to do today.

I'd like you to write out all the number bonds to 10, then 20.  Complete them logically, in your Maths book with today's date.

Then, some more fractions work.

I expect that everyone will be able to do the first one (Unit Fractions) as we have already covered this in class, this year and last year.

Unit Fractions - where the numerator (top half of the fraction) is 1 e.g. 1/2, 1/3, 1/4.

Then have a go at this one (Non unit fractions).  Most of you will be able to do this one independently as well smiley  If you need some help, that's fine.

Non Unit Fractions - where the numerator (top half of the fraction) is more than 1 e.g. 3/4 is a non unit fraction because 3 is the numerator. 

For those of you who would like an extra challenge (you know who you are!wink), try the Equivalent Fractions work.
Then, over to David Walliams for his daily Elevenses. Enjoy!

So, your English task today.


GOAL: to recognise and use different types of conjunctions.

Now, have a go at the missing conjunctions work.  Either print the sheet and fill in the missing conjunctions or re-write the sentences into your Topic Book (not just the conjunction).

There is an extension on the second page, if you want to challenge yourself.  Go on!  You can do it!

Reading and Daily Diary

Keep up with your daily reading and record it into your Reading Record book.  Then add to your daily diary.  What have you been up to?  How are you keeping busy at home?


Have you listened to any of the audio books yet?