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Day 4

Good Morning Nursery,


We hope that you had a lovely day yesterday.


Task 1

Today we would like you to focus on name writing in your child's blue book. A good way to start this is by using a light coloured felt-tip/pencil crayon to write their name so that they can then trace over it. It might be good to write one letter at a time so your child can watch how it's formed. Can they remember which letter comes next? If your child found this easy you may then get them to copy their name underneath.


The next stage after copying their name is doing it from memory!


Our aim is to eventually teach the children to comfortably hold their pencil so that they can control it in a way which enables them to write and form their letters clearly. We therefore encourage the children to use a tripod grip. If your child finds this uncomfortable then their muscles might not be strong enough yet so you can show them but if they then naturally change their grip then don't worry.




Task 2

Write numbers 0-5 on individual pieces of paper. The children in our class are all at different stages so first see if they can recognise any of the numbers. If they can then ask them to find small objects in the house to match the numbers. So for 1 they might go and find 1 toy car, 2 they might go and find two teddies etc. Let them choose the objects to make it fun!

If they could recognise some but not all of the numbers then let them find objects to match the ones they know. The numbers they didn't recognise are the ones you now need to work on. Have them on display at all times where your child can see them and check daily if they can remember which number it is.

Now if your child can recognise numbers to 10 or maybe even 20 then see if they can match objects to the numbers. You might want to use something small like lego or a small toy figure collection. Let them choose.


With the weather being so beautiful you could even do these activities outside and the children could use natural objects to match the quantity to the numbers like leaves or pebbles.


Task 3

Share a story together.


Sharing stories can:


  • help your child get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills
  • learn to value books and stories
  • spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity
  • help your child’s brain, social skills and communication skills develop
  • help your child learn the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make-believe’
  • help your child understand change and new or frightening events, and also the strong emotions that can go along with them.
  • Enables special time together promoting bonding and helps to build your relationship.


We have also now put a project  for you to do for the remainder of this week. You just need to click on the Project Week 1 icon on the previous page to find out what it is.


Have a great day.


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson