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Day 4

Marvellous Maths


See if you can find 3 containers. Fill them up, one full, one half full and one empty. Ask your child if they can put them in a line, in order, from the fullest to the least full. If they can do this, can they do it with 5 containers, the extra 2 being nearly full and nearly empty. Make sure you place them in a random order before asking them to put them into the correct order of capacity.

I have uploaded a capacity sheet to print off. Alternatively, draw pictures of 5 bottles (Full, half full, empty, nearly empty and nearly full). See if your child can cut and stick the pictures in order, this time from the least full to the fullest.

Extension: Try out the activity on the 'Espresso' link - Ordering Capacity

White Rose Daily Maths

Don't forget, you can go on to the White Rose website by clicking the link below and your child can do the daily challenges. Please choose Week 1 Egg Hunt as this ties in well with our learning, and Easter! 


Mrs Huckfield's group

  • Say a variety of different letter sounds and see if your child can write the correct letter that represents that sound.
  • Click on the ‘Phonics Play’ link and play ‘Buried Treasure’. Select ‘Phase 2’ and then ‘Enter your own words’. Please enter these words. dog, pot, got, not, log, pog, gop, sog, gom, fot.
  • Now using the letter flashcards from the uploaded document (or you can make your own by writing the letters on paper and cutting them out) play ‘Full circle’. The aim of this game is you start with a word, you then tell the child another word to make, and they will only have to change one of the letters in the word to make the new word. This will be the same throughout until they get back to the word they began with. Use these words... cat, can, man, map, mop, cop, cap, cat.

Miss Johnson's group

  • Spelling test time!
  • Ask your child to write these 10 words – Shop, cash, quiz, shell, quack, fish, quick, ship, clash, liquid – and see how they do! If they make any mistakes then show them how to write the word correctly afterwards.

Mrs Chambers group

  • Ask your child to think of and write 2 words with each of the sounds in that they have looked at this week – sh, ch, th, ng.
  • Continue with their ‘I can...’ books. They can now write these sentences.

I can sing, I can ring, I can ping-pong, I can sing a song.  I can run along. I can be a king.

  • I have attached a document to print, where your child has to match the correct digraph (2 letters that make 1 sound) to the correct picture/word. Alternatively, have a look at the document and write and draw the words and pictures for your child to sort.


To prepare your child for writing in Year 1, we have been doing handwriting, every week, to make sure the children practice how to form the letter of the alphabet correctly. This includes...

Retracing lines  - b, d, g, h, m, n, p, q, r, u.

Anti-clockwise movements - a, c, d, e, g, o, q, s

Straight/diagonal lines - f, I, j, k, l, t, v, w, x, z

Use the 'Espresso' link below. In the search bar type 'Handwriting'. Select the 'Handwriting' result with the F next to it. Then, on the left, click on the 'Video's' tab. You can then click on any letter of the alphabet, including capitals, and there will be a video demonstrating how to form the letter correctly. 

When your child does any writing, if you notice any letters are not being formed correctly, you can use this to get them to practice. Encourage your child to do a line of them in their book. Please draw lines for them to practice their writing and letters on, as this is also preparing them for writing in Year one, as they will also need to know the placement of the letters on a line and which ones have 'tails, that go beneath the line!