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Day 4

Good morning year 4, welcome to your fourth day of home learning. We hope you are finding routine with your work.


ENGLISH   Please write the GOAL into your purple books

GOAL: To complete a reading comprehension about Aesop Fables and understand a moral

Starter: write these words into your books and write down the meaning; using a dictionary or online:- 

promptly,  displeased,  dainty,  suspicious,  flattery,  charming



 Firstly, read the text carefully.  Then answer the questions in sentences in your books

(LAYOUT, Write the numbers in the margin, you do not have to write the questions out just answer in sentences 

eg. 1) The Fox invites the Stork around for dinner because .........      Please leave a line between each answer).


When you have completed the reading comprehension here are some optional extension activities for you to do on the text.

What is a fable?  What is a moral?

Do you know any other moral stories written by Aesop? What are they called and what is the moral?

Can you think of 4 words to describe the stork and the crow?


reading comprehension


Starter If you have a 5 minute speed tables sheet, ask an adult to time you for 5 minutes and complete the top box on the sheet.  If you do not have a speed tables sheet please complete the times table challenge and record the score in the back of your book.



GOAL: converting between km, m, cm and mm

You will need a ruler or tape measure with cm on, read the information at the top of your page to help you remember the facts. Please write the goal in your maths book and TYM p82

Complete the section A B C which you would normally do in class, you can always do an extra section if you want to push yourself.

When you have completed the work can you find and list five things for each measure in your home that are:-

a) over 2m

b) over 1m but less than 2m

c) over 50cm but less than 1m

d) less than 10cm

e) less than 1cm

If you want you can measure them exactly to the nearest mm.


Remember to record in your diary, what have you done today, how you are feeling and if you have done anything new.  Also if you find tying your shoelaces tricky now is an ideal time to practise and perfect it.