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Day 4

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Thankful Thursday everyone!

Your exercise for this morning! Try making up your own workout

White Rose Maths

Again, some fantastic activities that tie in really well with our learning. Today you are adding 2 numbers together! You are also looking at money which is a great starter activity, ready for our money learning next half term.


Marvellous Maths - Number

Mr Singletons Group

Today you are going to be exploring number bonds to make different numbers. I have uploaded some ladybird templates for you. Alternatively you can draw these templates. I have put spots on the first one for you. I would like you to experiment to find different ways of making 6, 7 and 8. You can use these sheets to put spots on the ladybirds wings, putting a different number of spots on each wing each time to find a different way of making one of those numbers. Please use one sheet per number e.g. 1 sheet for making 6, 1 sheet for making 7 etc. You do not have to use these, you could create your own or use objects in hoops, do the counter game like I did on Tuesday it’s completely up to you. Please can you write the sums down ( on the ladybird sheets it has space underneath each ladybird to do so) inputting the + and = signs where needed.

Miss Johnson’s Group

We are now going to move on to counting to 20. Please watch the uploaded ‘Numberblocks’ link.

I have also uploaded a Superhero’s missing numbers to 20 sheet. You could print this and encourage your child to input the missing numerals. If they are not sure how to write the number, try to encourage them to remember, especially with teens numbers, which number goes first and second, before showing them. Alternatively you could draw a numberline with numbers missing or even use number flashcards, lay some out in a row with some missing and your child could find the missing cards to input. I have uploaded some in case you would like to use them.

I have also uploaded an ordering numbers to 10 and then 20 interactive powerpoint. See if your child can use their computer and maths skills together to click and drag the numbers into the correct order. This is a great tool for helping children to not only understand bigger and smaller numbers but also to recognise their numbers. They can do this activity using the flashcards to. You could show them a random number to 20 and see if they recognise it. Time them. How long does it take for them to recognise all numbers to 20, but not in order?



Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Login to ‘PhonicsPlay’, select Phase 2 resources and ‘flashcards time challenge’. Select ‘pick individual graphemes’ and select sets 1-5 and j and v from set 6.
  • Introduce the phoneme 'w'. Again, I have uploaded a document with the action and song lyrics on. Login to Espresso using the link from yesterday and navigate to Scraps Phonics, select ‘w’ and watch the video. Your child can practice writing it again on a line. Also, use the Vimeo link from Tuesday to find the song.
  • Ask your child to write these words.
  • will, win, wag, web, wig, wax, jam, jog, van, vet.
  • Now play ‘yes/no’ questions where your child reads the question and uses thumbs up or down to show if they think it’s true or not.
  • Is the sun wet? Can men jog to get fit? Has a pot of jam got a lid? Can a van go up a hill? Has a cat got a web? Will a pig put on a wig?

Miss Johnson’s/Mrs Chamber’s Group’s

  • Use today to recap over this week’s sounds ‘ar’ and ‘or’.
  • Login to PhonicsPlay (Link under Mrs Huckfield's group), select Phase 3 resources and the game ‘Picnic on Pluto’. Select Phase 3 and then first do +ar and then play again selecting +or.
  • Now login to Espresso, navigate to Polly’s Phonics and the activities, on the Long oo short oo, ar, or section, select ‘Spelling’. Your child will need to move the letters into the correct spaces to spell the word shown by the picture.