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Day 4

Good morning and welcome to day 9 of home learning.   We are missing you at school so we have some exciting news for you.  We have created a HOME LEARNING GALLERY which is now up and running. The staff at school are missing seeing your amazing work. We have created a page where we can share some of it.  If you have completed a task which you are proud of please email a photo of it or a photo of you with it (if your parents are happy for your photo to be on the website) to  We cannot guarantee that all work sent will be displayed in the gallery but we will do our best to show off a range of work.  We cannot wait to see what you've been doing.


In your purple books please write the GOAL and do the starter exercise

Starter: please write these words in your book use a dictionary or go  online to find out the meaning of the word:- betray, jealous and eternal

GOAL about the Easter Story through a reading comprehension

Firstly, read the text carefully about the Easter Story, then answer the questions in sentences where possible, in your books leaving a line between each answer and numbers in the margin.


Extension when you have finished your work you can research what a Simnel Cake is and what it symbolises at Easter.


Easter reading comprehension


Starter.  If you have a 5 minute speed tables sheet, ask an adult to time you for 5 minutes and complete the bottom box on the sheet. If you do not have a speed tables sheet please complete the times table challenge and record your score in the back of your book.

GOAL: converting between metric units of length

Please write the GOAL in your book and TYM p85. Complete section A, B, C which you would normally do in class; you can always do an extra section if you want to push yourself

Length 2

Length 2 1

Extension   Write your calculations in your book.

1. One lap of  running track is 400m. How far is ten laps in kilometres?

2. Large pins are 3.5cm long. Small pins are 15mm shorter. How long are small pins?

3. A door is 1.9m tall. There is 76cm from the top of the door to the ceiling. What is the height of the room?

4. The fence round a square field is 1 km long. What is the length of one side of the field in metres?

5. Each sheet of card is 1.5mm thick. There are 50 sheets in a pack.How thick is a pack in centimetres?

6. Ben walks 765m to the canal and 5.68km along the towpath. How far does he walk altogether?


Optional Extra

Please record in your diary; you could think about how you are feeling about not coming to school and then also include 2 things that have made you happy today.